martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

Rainy day - Winter memories

 I´m back! After a long holiday (which I´m going to post about in a couple of days) I am finally back. And so are my parents back to work, which means that I spend many February mornings on my own. But that´s ok for me, I can make breakfast on my own. I just love days like this, they remind me so much of those rainy this in winter in which I don´t go to school and stay all day at home watching movies and drinking tea (I love tea). It is so strange how at this time of the year I start kind of missing winter, although I know that in a couple of months I´m gonna be sick of the cold and wearing big coats to go out. I just try to convince myself that we still have at least two more months of heat, so I can still wear shorts and sleveless blouses.
I´ll see you very soon with a post about my holidays!