lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

What´s in my backpack?

 So now that I´m finally into the university routine I thought I should share what I carry in my backpack on my way to college everyday.

 My backpack is actually a merchandising one that my uncle brought me from one of his journeys to the USA, it´s from the movie "The incredible life of Walter Mitty" (I havent seen the movie though I should).

 Since I only have one subject per day, I carry one notebook to take notes about the class of that day. Then I have a small notebook for big ideas (and lists of course), and my agenda.

 I got my pencil case last summer holidays (2013) in a crafts shop, and now it´s full of markers, pens, pencils, clips, and my amazing Hobbit black ink pen (also a gift from my uncle).

 Water is essencial.

Finally, in the small front pocket I carry all these things:
- My wallet (not exactly full)
- My bus card (this is a system only used in Buenos Aires to pay for all travelling services like train, bus and subway)
- Gum, which is also an essencial.
- Cleansing gel, I can´t do anything if I feel my hands dirty so I use this all the time.
- Deodorant, just in case.
- A small mirror and some make up. I usually just take eyeliner and concealer.
- And my keys with this lovely key chain with cats and a purple ornament.

So this is basically what I carry in my backpack everyday so far. I´m sure it´s gonna be fuller and fuller as the year goes.


lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

February-March: So many things have been going on

February and March have been truly madness for me. As soon as I came back home from the amazing holidays with my boyfriend and my family, I had to start college. Getting used to the idea was really hard for me, and I spent most of the time studying and complaining about having to study. 
Basically, that´s what February was all about for me, sadly. 

 I took some shots of the train station and one side of the biggest building that is part of this university (aka UNLA).

 Such an amazing view from this bridge.

This is a shot of the church where my youngest cousin was baptized last Saturday.

 The next day, I went with my mom to a pastries supplies fair in the capital.

After A LOT of studying and coffee (way too much coffee, I seriously needed to avoid naps), I finally took the entrance exams at university. I must confess I was so relieved after those exams because I spent almost a month and a half totally devoted to studying and I was really sure that I had done everything right.
So luckily I had one week off before knowing the test results, so I spent it making some art in my scrapbook, playing video games and watching Game of Thrones! which has just became my favourite series ever.

Last Friday I woke up early just to take a train with my mom and go shopping to the capital (aka Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, I just say "the capital" or "CABA" to make it short). Luckily we found some really nice things like this gorgeous cats t-shirt! I must say I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it at the shop window.

This are a few of my other purchases:

To the moon and back t-shirt.

Yeah, all of them are black, and I also got a black sweatshirt and a black long skirt. There was only one exception for a lovely pair of green jeans.

This wine-kind of colour is my new favorite.

Yesterday I had one of my friends baby shower party and these are the lovely cupcakes that my mom and I made for her party. which by the way was a total surprise organized by me and my friends.

 So now that I FINALLY got into college, it will be even crazier for me (actually, I start tomorrow so no more vacation for me). I just hope I can keep doing things to free my mind from the routine.


miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

2013 Favorites: 13 things I loved

Well, this is kind of old, but I thought it was still worth it since last year I got some really nice things that I would like to show.

1- Led zeppelin t-shirt
2- Beanie (made by my mom)
3- Avon Care line humectant
4- Amethyst necklace (bought in a local craft shop during my holidays)
5- Natura vanilla perfume
 6- Fox ring and infinity ring (the last one was a gift from my mom for my 18th birthday)

7- Fox bracelet

8- Metals and blue nailpolish

9- Maybelline Cover Stick concealer

10- Maybelline Master drama eyeliner
11- Beatles coffee/tea mug (original Beatles merchandising)

12- Vintage bright red cardigan
13- Chamana tea collection (The relax and lovely ones were my favourites)

martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

I suck at blogging...

So yeah, I really suck at blogging. A lot of things have been going on lately so I guess now that everything is settling, I will be able to be around here more often. Also, I started college (I finally graduated from goddamn High school) so I couldn´t be happier, even though I had to spend an entire month studying like crazy for the admission exams, which I still don´t know if I passed (I really hope I do).
Anyway, I´m gonna make a short review of my life in the past few months:

 Last day of school: Throwing flour/eggs/paint/etc at each other on the last day of school is an old tradition in my country. Such a disaster, glad it´s over.

 Christmas and waiting for vacation!

 And here starts the really important part: visiting my boyfriend (that´s the map from the city where he lives). We had such and amazing time together and I enjoyed it so much. I spent all of January out of my house, but no regrets at all. In fact that´s exactly what I wanted, summer in this city is EXTREMELY boring.

This is how life was like at his house propably every day haha

And during my stay these two came in the mail FOR ME! I was so happy and excited since I LOVE Lana del Rey with all my heart.

 We also spent a week at his uncle and aunt´s house, who live in a small town with dirt roads and lots of green. This beautiful place is called Pehuen Có and it´s only 70 Km. from his city (aka Punta Alta).

After another crazy week back at his house, we bought a couple of bus tickets and went to visit my parents, who were also enjoying their vacation at another beach town called Chapadmalal (such a ghostly place at night, I swear).

I´ll never forget this summer, it meant so much to me. It was beyond perfect and so many wonderful things happened during this magical holidays. Still can´t get over it.