lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

What´s in my backpack?

 So now that I´m finally into the university routine I thought I should share what I carry in my backpack on my way to college everyday.

 My backpack is actually a merchandising one that my uncle brought me from one of his journeys to the USA, it´s from the movie "The incredible life of Walter Mitty" (I havent seen the movie though I should).

 Since I only have one subject per day, I carry one notebook to take notes about the class of that day. Then I have a small notebook for big ideas (and lists of course), and my agenda.

 I got my pencil case last summer holidays (2013) in a crafts shop, and now it´s full of markers, pens, pencils, clips, and my amazing Hobbit black ink pen (also a gift from my uncle).

 Water is essencial.

Finally, in the small front pocket I carry all these things:
- My wallet (not exactly full)
- My bus card (this is a system only used in Buenos Aires to pay for all travelling services like train, bus and subway)
- Gum, which is also an essencial.
- Cleansing gel, I can´t do anything if I feel my hands dirty so I use this all the time.
- Deodorant, just in case.
- A small mirror and some make up. I usually just take eyeliner and concealer.
- And my keys with this lovely key chain with cats and a purple ornament.

So this is basically what I carry in my backpack everyday so far. I´m sure it´s gonna be fuller and fuller as the year goes.