martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

I suck at blogging...

So yeah, I really suck at blogging. A lot of things have been going on lately so I guess now that everything is settling, I will be able to be around here more often. Also, I started college (I finally graduated from goddamn High school) so I couldn´t be happier, even though I had to spend an entire month studying like crazy for the admission exams, which I still don´t know if I passed (I really hope I do).
Anyway, I´m gonna make a short review of my life in the past few months:

 Last day of school: Throwing flour/eggs/paint/etc at each other on the last day of school is an old tradition in my country. Such a disaster, glad it´s over.

 Christmas and waiting for vacation!

 And here starts the really important part: visiting my boyfriend (that´s the map from the city where he lives). We had such and amazing time together and I enjoyed it so much. I spent all of January out of my house, but no regrets at all. In fact that´s exactly what I wanted, summer in this city is EXTREMELY boring.

This is how life was like at his house propably every day haha

And during my stay these two came in the mail FOR ME! I was so happy and excited since I LOVE Lana del Rey with all my heart.

 We also spent a week at his uncle and aunt´s house, who live in a small town with dirt roads and lots of green. This beautiful place is called Pehuen Có and it´s only 70 Km. from his city (aka Punta Alta).

After another crazy week back at his house, we bought a couple of bus tickets and went to visit my parents, who were also enjoying their vacation at another beach town called Chapadmalal (such a ghostly place at night, I swear).

I´ll never forget this summer, it meant so much to me. It was beyond perfect and so many wonderful things happened during this magical holidays. Still can´t get over it.